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The Late Paper PROFESSOR FREUD announced in her syllabus for Psychology 101 that final term papers had to be in her hands by 12:00 noon on December 18. No students, she emphasized, would pass the course without a completed term paper turned in on time. As the semester drew to a close, KIM had an “A” average in Professor Freud’s psychology class, and she began researching her term paper with excitement. ARNOLD, Kim’s boyfriend, felt threatened that he had only a high school diploma while his girlfriend, Kim, was getting closer and closer to having a college degree. Arnold worked in a bakery where his friend PHILIP began teasing that Kim would soon dump Arnold for a college guy. That’s when Arnold started accusing Kim of seeing other guys and demanded that she quit college. She told Arnold that he was being ridiculous. In fact, she said a handsome young man in her history class had asked her out a number of times, but she had always refused. Instead of feeling better, Arnold now became even more angry. With Philip continuing to tease him at
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