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Five Minutes to Teach Study Skills in Class Identifying and Understanding Transition Words Objective: students explore and understand the use of transition/signal words in context. Procedure: Prepare a handout which lists some transition/signal words and the relationships they communicate in linking words, phrases, sentences, and ideas. Also, pre-select a short reading; it could be an editorial or a portion of a chapter from your textbook, but it should be only about a paragraph in length. Pass out handout and briefly explain to students the uses of transitional words. Note the handout and the different classifications of transition words. Direct students to short reading. Ask them to read the selection, circle the transition words, and list the words by placing them into their respective categories (e.g. chronology/sequence,
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Unformatted text preview: cause-effect, contrast/exception, etc). Briefly Discuss. Note if transition words from a particular category are used more often than others. Ask students why this may be (auth or’s purpose, etc). IF YOU HAVE TIME OR FOR ANOTHER ACTIVITY: Ask students to take the transition words OUT of the reading by crossing them out. Read the selection aloud without the transitions. Ask students: What happens when the transition words are taken out? Does the reading make sense? Does it sound funny or bad? Why? Ask students to take each of the transition words crossed out and list at least one alternative to each. Direct students to place alternative transition words into the reading. How does it sound?...
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