Notes Feb 12 - Notes Feb 12 Lecture 8 Fig 25.5-6 o Okazaki...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes Feb 12 Lecture 8- Fig 25.5-6 o Okazaki fragments made on the lagging strand o Lagging strand is made backwards 5’-3’ relative to the replication fork o DNA polymerase cant start new chains o Strands start with RNA by RNA polymerase called primase Uses ribonucleoside triphosphates Can start new chains at the 5’ end without a primer Associated with proteins at the replication fork to keep the DNA replicated at a rapid speed- replisome complex Travels along the template of the lagging strand Lays down RNA nucleotides complementary to the template Does not require a specific sequence, instead it lays down primers at random every once in awhile and then stops very quickly RNA piece is very small because primase just stops Makes half-a-turns worth of RNA (10 bases would be a full turn) o Know the direction of which RNA primer is placed first by primase Fig 8.11/5-13- The old primer is replaced by DNA- There are different enxymes that can chew up the RNA polymerase- If there is some nuclease the chews up the RNA, then it leaves a gap- The DNA polymerase I can replace RNA and place DNA by elongationg...
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Notes Feb 12 - Notes Feb 12 Lecture 8 Fig 25.5-6 o Okazaki...

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