Notes Jan 29 - J an 29 Lecture 3 Purine and Pyrimadine...

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Jan 29 Lecture 3 - Purine and Pyrimadine Metabolism - DNA RNA Protein- Central Dogma - Table 3.1 (study Carefully) o bases generally found in RNA and DNA o When X is a sugar its called a nucleoside o Base +sugar = nucleoside, Base + sugar + phosphate = nucleotide o Memorize structure of Adenosine, Uracil, and Thymine - know how sugar is attached to the bases, and the structure of the sugar - know where phosphates are attached to the sugar and draw if the phosphate is attached to OH or the 5’OH - know the difference between Uracil (RNA) and Thymine (DNA) which is the attachment of a methyl group - know the difference of the names between the base and its nucleoside ex. Adenine vs aden guanine vs. guanidine, thymine vs. thymidine - nucleotides- you should indicate whether it’s a 5’ or a 3’ phosphate o if it says AMP or GMP, CMP, its usually a 5’ phosphate - don’t need to know the numbering of Purine and pyrimidine - know the number system of ribose - at the 2’ position of DNA and RNA shows the difference due to the OH o DNA is an extremely stable polymer due to less reactivity in the H rather than it having a OH - Phosphates are generally attached to the 5’ or the 3’ Carbons (OH’s) - IF the phoshphate is on the 5’, then it is assumed you don’t need to say 5’ or ribo - Adenosine Triphosphate- Adenosine is the nucleoside (base + sugar) - Notice exactly how the bases attached and which nitrogen is attached to the sugar in the p
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Notes Jan 29 - J an 29 Lecture 3 Purine and Pyrimadine...

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