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mcb110-sp02-mt2-unknown-soln - MCB 110 Spring 2002 Midterm...

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MCB 110 Spring 2002 Midterm exam I1 April 7, 2003 Write your name and Student ID# on all pages. Only exams written in non-erasable ink pen will be considered for regrading. 150 points total. Question 1 40 points Question 2 25 points Question 3 35 points Question 4 30 points Question 5 20 points Total SHORT ANSWERS ARE ENCOURAGED; POINTS WILL BE SUBTRACTED FOR WRONG ANSWERS EVEN IF THE CORRECT ANSWER IS ALSO PROVIDED. THE SPACE PROVIDED ON THE FRONT PAGE SHOULD BE MORE THAN SUFFICIENT FOR A COMPLETE ANSWER.
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Question 1. (40 points total). You are studying transcriptional activation of the yeast HOTl gene, which is reported to be induced by high growth temperatures. Below is a diagram of the HOTl gene. The start site of transcription is illustrated by the "+I" label. You have DNA oligonucleotides to use as primers that are illustrated below, numbered 1 through 10. For the next section, assume that you indeed confirm that transcription of HOTl is TATA induced by increasing the temperature. You are now interested in determining how the distributions of proteins along the HOTl gene are altered during transcriptional activation. F (Part B, 10 Points) You are provided with antibodies that specifically recognize the TBP i protein. When and where do you expect enrichment of TBP along the DNA in the diagram? Why do you have this expectation, and how will you test your ideas?
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