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Annexation - legally adding land area to a city in the United States. Beltway- ties together large suburban residential areas with business areas. Census Tracts - an area delineated by the US Bureau of the Census for which statistics are published; in urbanized areas, census tracts correspond roughly to neighborhoods. Central City - the urban area that is not suburban, generally the older or original city that is surrounded by newer suburbs. Chauncy Harris- developed the multiple nuclei model. City- a conglomeration of people and buildings clustered together to serve as a center of politics, culture, and economies, in addition to providing many services. Community Reinvestment Act- Concentric Zone Model- a model of the internal structure of cities in which social groups are spatially arranged in a series of rings. Consolidated Government- Indianapolis and Miami are examples. Cities are the city and the country match each other and tackle the same challenges as governments. Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area- In the US, two or more adjacent metropolitan statistical areas with overlapping commuting patterns. Council of Government- a cooperative agency consisting of representatives of local governments in a metropolitan area in the United States. Density Gradient- the change in density in an urban area from the center to the periphery. E.W. Burgess-
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AP_Urbanization_Unit_Terms[1][1] - Vamsi Reddy 5th period...

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