Enders game - Enders game 1. 2 people are discussing a boy...

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Enders game 1. 2 people are discussing a boy and his brother and sister. They finally decide that this is the boy that they need to protect the earth and destroy the bugger army. Ender is a six year old boy who is having his monitor removed. The monitor is a device that informs the authorities of all of Ender’s experiences. You can infer that the monitor makes Ender an outcast. When Ender comes back to class after having his monitor removed he is laughed at by everyone in the class. Most people tease him for being a “Third”, the third child. After school, while waiting at the bus stop ender is bullied by Stilson, an insecure boy in his class. When he is attacked by Stilson he kicks him in the chest and sees him fall over. He decides to stop them from bullying him ever again so he kicks Stilson viciously many more times. Ender then runs off and starts crying, he doesn’t want to end up like Peter. 2. The same adults start talking again and they compare Ender with Mazer Rackham. They eventually start worrying about Ender and how his brother, Peter, will react to the monitor being removed. When Ender returns home, instead of comforting Ender, Peter gets angry and forces Ender to play “buggers and astronauts”, a familiar children’s game. Instead of pretending to hurt Ender, Peter actually physically harms him. When Peter is about to kill Ender, Ender is saved by his older sister. Peter is convinced to let Ender go, but he remarks that he will kill Ender eventually. Once Peter thinks Ender is asleep he comes to his bedside and apologizes to Ender and tells him that he really loves him. 3.
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Enders game - Enders game 1. 2 people are discussing a boy...

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