EYES - Opthamology Vamsi Reddy My QuestionsWhat is arguably...

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Opthamology Vamsi Reddy My Questions- What is arguably the most important part of the human body, controlled by the strongest muscle in the human body, and consists of more than 2 million working parts? A human eye! Your eyes are more important than you think. The human eye contributes to 85% of our knowledge! 11 out of 12 people think that if you have better eyesight life would be more enjoyable. Opthamologist are doctors that treat diseases and eye problems. I want to be an opthamologist because your eyes are VERY important and if you do not take good care of them then they will get damaged. I want to help people regain their sight and fix any problems with it. Over 90% of Americans have eye problems and only about 60% have taken steps to fix it. Eye diseases are also the most devastating to daily life. My goal is to help those who have them. These are my questions: What degrees must I earn to pursue this occupation? How long will it take to earn these degrees? Do I have to complete medical school? What are some surgical procedures I must perform? What are other procedures I will perform? What is the average salary of an opthamologist? How much time must I spend in school to become an opthamologist? What are my working conditions?
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EYES - Opthamology Vamsi Reddy My QuestionsWhat is arguably...

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