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DQ1 Week 7 A man is brought into the ER after an accident. He has fallen from an eleven foot wall and landed on a set of stairs that were lying on a concrete floor. From the x-rays that were taken it seems that the patient has broken his calcaneus in his right foot. He has also fractured his talus in his left foot. His right foot is put in a cast for 6 weeks and his left is put in a walking cast. He is also complaining of lower back pain. After examination of his lumbar area of his back he has fractured the L1 and L3 disks in his vertebral column. He is given a back brace and to follow up with a back doctor. After weeks of healing, the right foot hasn't healed. Doctor explains that he would have to do surgery. Recommends patient sees an orthopedic doctor.
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Unformatted text preview: After surgery, foot still does not heal. Doctor decides for patient to wear cast for 6 months with x-rays taken avery two months, and hopes it heals. It does not. Doctor schedules a second surgery and removes the 1st screw and puts in two screws. One going up into the calcaneus and one going down from the tarsals. After this the patient still complains of pain in his metatarsals while doing physical therapy. Doctor explains it is tarsal tunnel syndrome. Doctor recommends patient wears a brace to help support the metatarsals. The patient also has pain in the patella of his left leg. Doctor explains that the patient will have arthralgia from the injury to his feet....
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