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Chapter 7 3/29 Schedules of X (X = reinforcement, or S*) 1. Simple Schedules : FR VR FI VI 2. Complex (compound) Schedules : Chain Tandem Multiple Mixed a. both have 2 links, each with a simple schedule. b. distinguished by (1) whether X occurs at the end of each link (multiple, mixed) or occurs only after both links have been completed (chain, tandem), and (2) whether each link is signaled by an external cue (multiple, chain) or not (tandem, mixed) 3. Rate Schedules : (need 2 Rs b/c must look at time betw them DRH—d ifferential X of h igh response rates
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Unformatted text preview: DRL—d ifferential X of l ow response rates 4. Qualitative schedule (not quantitative): DRO—differential X of other responses 5. Concurrent Schedules: a. 2 bars or keys simultaneously available, each with a different, simple schedule on it b. can switch back and forth between bars c. responding on each bar/key characteristic of schedule d. matching law—response rate matches the reinforcement rate on each component (response twice as fast on bar that gives twice as frequent the X)...
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