CJS 200 - Causation of Crime Collaboration Activity

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CAUSATION OF CRIME COLLABORATION ACTIVITY It appears that Los Angeles, CA will definitely have a much higher crime rate than Morganfield, KY. The main reasoning for this is the difference in population and the location. Morganfield, KY is a very rural 'farm' town and Los Angeles, CA is an urban, highly populated city. When you have a bigger population, then it is safe to say that you are going to have more crime offences. The drug/alcohol trend is most likely more popular in Los Angeles. With Los Angeles being an urban area and being more populated, more crimes are committed while criminals being under the influence. Drugs and alcohol are easier to come by in more populated cities. For example, in Morganfield there is only one liquor store for the whole town. Therefore, if you
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Unformatted text preview: purchase alcohol, there is only one place for you to buy it. Look at Los Angeles, you would be able to find a liquor store every few blocks there and could probably never count the actual number of liquor stores that are available. Alcohol is easier to find in urban cities. Urban cities also house gangs and gang related criminal activities. This too can cause the drug and alcohol trend to be put in use. In the past few years, statistics show that crime in the United States has been on a downfall. Numbers of crimes committed have significantly fallen. This would entail that the number of drug/alcohol trend crimes committed would be on the angle down as well....
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