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JAILS CHECKPOINT A jails purpose in society is to hold individuals whom are pending trial, conviction, and sentencing that cannot post their bail. They also hold individuals whom have been convicted on misdemeanor charges, violated conditions of their probation or parole, or individuals who have been accused of 'bail jumping'. The jails are also responsible for housing juveniles waiting to be transferred to a juvenile housing facility, inmates who are waiting to be sent to state or federal prisons, and also mentally ill individuals that are waiting to be transferred to a mental facility. There are often times when jails are responsible for housing federal or state inmates do to the overflow of the prison systems. In my opinion the current system is effective for what we are using it for. I do
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Unformatted text preview: agree that jail and prison overcrowdings are becoming a problem and that can cause incarceration to be less effective. Individuals who commit a crime are sentenced based on the severity of the crime committed and they are taken away from society as a punishment. During this time they receive some rehabilitation, the feeling of loneliness, and separation. To me, if you take parents that are committing crimes and separate them from their children for a specified amount of time, this will make the parent feel guilty and ashamed. If this is the feeling that is felt during the time of incarceration, it is much easier to say that individual will more than likely not commit another crime. The jails and prison systems are set up to house individuals and I feel like they do this effectively....
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