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Models of the Criminal Justice System There are two models for the American criminal justice system: the crime control model and the due process model. The crime control model requires a speedy and well-organized system. This model calls for more police, more jails and prisons, and harsher, longer sentences. The main focus is to prevent crime and defend the citizens. This model is putting the defendant into a category where he/she is guilty until proven innocent. The due process model requires fairness and supports rehabilitation. This model calls for an increase in funding for rehabilitation and education in jails and prisons, to abolish the death penalty, and formalizes procedures so that all parties involved receive the same treatment. I believe that the due process model is more effective.
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Unformatted text preview: The system is supposed to be set up for us to be innocent until proven guilty. Once an accusation has been made, one should not have to prove their innocence. The arresting officer and prosecutor should have enough evidence to prove their guilty. We do not need to spend our money on building more jails and prisons; we need to spend our money on rehabilitation. Not all will benefit from rehabilitation, but even if half do, that is half that will not return to the prison system again. In this day and age there are many obstacles people have to go through in order to live life, I don’t believe it is fair to put a criminal behind bars and give up on the chance that a person can learn from mistakes and with the right resources, may change their way of life....
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