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PRISONS POPULATIONS CHECKPOINT After reading about the jail population, the average citizen can use this as being informative, but the impact in their minds is minimal. These crowding circumstances cause pressure on the staff at the jail to maintain the tension and reduce flare-ups among the inmates. There are a very few number of communities that have made jail crowding a priority. Those communities that have investigated the problem feel that the solution to this problem requires a long term commitment. Once committed and everyone involve begins working together, progress will slowly show. Correctional professionals sustain spiritual, emotional, and intellectual equilibrium in the field of corrections with praying daily, reading scriptures,
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Unformatted text preview: notes of appreciation and love to loved ones, and reading. This is needed in order for our correctional careers not to take over our lives. Although in many states, a few cities and counties actually bear the blunt to the jail problem, the jail is still ultimately the states responsibility. The state has been acting as an administrator to most county and city jails. Times are changing and jail staff cannot control the jail overcrowding. There was a study done about 75 years ago that concluded that jails would be better operated by direct authority of the state government. Kerle, Ken. 2008. Jail Crowding and Increased Jail Population. American Jails, Vol 22, Issue 5,p 5-95....
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