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CJS 200 - Responsibilities of State and Federal Courts

CJS 200 - Responsibilities of State and Federal Courts -...

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Both State and Federal Court Systems have different levels and responsibilities. The State Court system is made up of different levels. These levels include courts with limited jurisdictions, trial courts (with general jurisdictions), appellate courts, and the state’s highest court. The Federal Court system is made up of U.S. District courts, U.S. Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. The level of court with limited jurisdictions is responsible for lower level crimes that happen in a particular area of a particular state. In Kentucky this court is called District court. All misdemeanors and the beginning process of felony cases happen in this court. This court is often ruled by a judge rather than by a jury. General Jurisdiction Trial courts are called Circuit courts here in Kentucky. This court is the setting of trials and continues the process of the felony case that began in the lower court. Most criminal sentences are given during hearings in this court.
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