CJS 200 - Terrorism and Cyber Crime

CJS 200 - Terrorism and Cyber Crime - I feel like this act...

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TERRORISM and CYBER CRIME The Fourth Amendment was made to protect one of unreasonable searches and seizures. Post 9/11, the USA Patriot Act amends this law by allowing the FBI to gain warrants for acts of terrorism, computer fraud, and chemical weapons without no proof of criminal activity. http://www.peacenowar.net/immigrantRights/News/Dec%2026%2002-- News.htm In 2002 there were around 10 college students jailed for not taking enough college credit hours (12 hours were needed). These students were from the Middle East and were in the United States using student visas. These students were detained with a $5000 bond. INS's explanation of this is they are carrying out their duties and fighting the war against terrorism.
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Unformatted text preview: I feel like this act is unjustified. They had no reason to suspect these students of committing any crimes. The only red flag was that they weren't enrolled as full-time students. I do understand that when applying for their student visa they are told the requirement for them is to maintain a full-time college schedule, but these students are just like American students. Once they begin school, they are learning how to manage their lives without their parents and may make bad judgments. I feel like if the officials had any reason to suspect suspicious activity, those being detained would not be argued; however, the only supplied reasoning was the status of their college schedules. I feel like this is just picking!...
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