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After reading Appendix B, I have concluded that there are two different arrests to be discussed. The first arrest involved a man walking down the street after leaving from an electronics store. The second arrest involves a man arrested at his home after the search of the premises. Reviewing the first arrest, I do not feel like the police conducted a lawful search under the guidelines provided in the text. The text describes a warrantless search for search incidental for arrest; however, I feel like the person’s Fourth Amendments were violated in this case. The officers only suspected fowl play, the man only met one descriptor of a suspect and the subject was not under arrest for any violation prior to the search. I feel like the only probable cause that could be used in this case is the fact that the man was wearing a heavy coat in the summer (which is suspicious activity) and he met the height description of the suspect. The suspect was read Miranda rights at the appropriate time; this allows the suspect to
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  • Spring '10
  • Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, police officers, Miranda, Miranda v. Arizona, Miranda warning, Arrest

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