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Your second case study is due in class on December 16th, no exceptions. In this assignment, I would like you to address several of the many small group and organizational communication concepts and principles that we have discussed in class. For this assignment, you will be analyzing a case study that I have selected which really gets at many of the ideas we have discussed in class. You can find the case study as an attachment below. This particular case study is about a woman who has become dissatisfied with her job for various reasons, which is a common occurrence in today's workplaces. In 4-5 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt. font), I want you to provide an analysis of the case using several course concepts and provide suggestions for what the "main character" should do. Specifically, I would like you to address the following: 1.) Summarize the case study in a paragraph or less. Please do not spend a lot of time on this as I have already read the case study and thus do not need a 5 page narrative. 2.) Analyze characteristics of organizational culture and socialization that are present in
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