CMN 101 Case Study #1

CMN 101 Case Study #1 - Case Study Papers are due at the...

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Case Study Papers are due at the start of class on Thursday, December 9th. You must hand in a hard copy. In class we have talked about some of the many properties of communication. Communication is symbolic and abstract. Communication is grounded in context, culture and relationships. Communication is both verbal and nonverbal, and shapes our perception of ourselves and others. Pick two scenes from a favorite TV show or movie where two people are involved in an important or emotional communicative act. One scene should be an example of miscommunication between the two people (one or both of the parties do not understand the message being sent). The other scene will show two individuals who communicate successfully. In 5 pages, using the knowledge you have gained thus far this semester, explain what happens during the scene and why. Specifically I am looking for you to address the following things. 1)
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