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Capstone Syllabus - CMN 396 Sec 501 Communication Capstone...

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CMN 396 Sec. 501: Communication Capstone Seminar Summer 2010 Time : T / Th 9:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Room : Levan 202 Instructor : Barb Willard Associate Professor, Communication Office : SAC 589 Phone : 312-362-7468 E-mail : [email protected] Office Hours : TBA Text : Course Readings on Blackboard Capstone (Noun): the high point; crowning achievement ( Meriam Webster ) Course Description The Capstone Course provides students with an integrative learning experience by linking communication skills and competencies with liberal arts and sciences and knowledge derived from the major. In this course, large questions contextualize the educational experience and ask students to look at the self, the past and the present in order to imagine and contribute to the future. Therefore the course gives students a time to reflect upon the substance of their DePaul education, identifying ideas that have had an impact on them and linking these ideas to the future directions of their lives. These reflections are linked to questions of community responsibility, lifelong learning, social action, and ethical choices. General Course Objectives 1. In an effort to encourage reflectiveness about their education at DePaul, students will identify sources that were meaningful in their educational formation, and dialogue with others about their impact and significance. 2. Students will utilize skills in close reading, analysis, critical thinking, writing, and small group communication in a group presentation on a topic relevant to communication, the liberal arts, and society. 3. Students will create a capstone project consisting of a plan for their future based on their educational preparation at DePaul and their future career goals. 4. Students will demonstrate presentational competencies through in-class presentations. Course Policies
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Attendance Because this course will be conducted as a seminar, it is essential that you attend class regularly, come on time, and stay until the end of the class. It is important that you come prepared to participate in our discussions. In a sense, we all teach this class; I am simply the organizer and facilitator of our learning group. If you don’t attend regularly, continually arrive late, or leave early, we are missing a teacher! If you are unable to attend class, you will be responsible for getting class notes, handouts, and assignments from fellow classmates. Without a valid excuse, any assignments that are turned in after the due date will have a point penalty. Failure to attend regularly will lower your grade by five points per hour missed after an allowance of three hours (equivalent to one week of class). Also, please note that the Communication Department does not allow professors to give a final grade of “I” (Incomplete) in Capstone. Please complete your assignments, especially your final Capstone project and paper, with this rule in mind. Reading
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Capstone Syllabus - CMN 396 Sec 501 Communication Capstone...

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