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1 Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 1014-Section 1) Spring 2011 This syllabus is a living document. The faculty member reserves the right to update and change the syllabus as the term and class progress so that the goals and objectives of the course can be met. Instructor: Dr. Martin Pereyra Department of Economics 230 Professional Building 573-882-1424 [email protected] Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 to 11 am without an appointment (please contact via email to arrange for other meeting times in case of scheduling conflict with regular office hours) (NOTE: I will only respond to emails if they are properly addressed to either Dr. Pereyra or Professor Pereyra. I will not respond to Martin Pereyra, Mr. Pereyra, Martin, Hey You, or similarly inappropriate email salutations) Blackboard: Please visit the course blackboard site at immediately to familiarize yourself with the contents of the course and with all the materials available for study. It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of these course requirements and course due dates, which are all posted to the course schedule on blackboard. Please visit the econhelpdesk and one of our TAs immediately if you still have questions. Econhelpdesk: In order to ensure that it is easy and convenient for students to seek help with this course we have established an econhelpdesk. This help desk is accessible via phone ( 573-882-6263 ), via walk-in ( room 1A West Professional Building, in the basement ) or via blackboard (go to the discussion board section of the blackboard page). All of our graduate student teaching assistants will take turns with the econhelpdesk. The help desk schedule for phone-ins and walk-ins is posted to blackboard. The discussion board questions should always be answered within 24 hours. Please contact me or the head TA immediately if your discussion board question is not answered by the help desk within 24 hours. Textbook: We will be using an online electronic textbook for this course which will be available for purchase from the university bookstore. Once you purchase the materials, you will be able to access the online textbook with your student pawprint and password. These materials contain text, web video explanations, interactive quizzes and interactive graphical practice problems to help you better understand the material being taught. Course Description and Rationale : This course is an introduction to economic reasoning at the microeconomic level. This means we will be concerned with decision making on the part of individuals – individual consumers, individual firms and individual markets. The purpose of this course is to prepare you to better understand how the
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2 economy works so that you can make better decisions on both a personal and social level. For example, we want you to understand all the costs and benefits of any decision you
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Econ%201014%20Spring%202011%20Syllabus - Principles of...

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