CHAPTER OUTLINE 3 - I The Social Context of American...

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I: The Social Context of American Politics A) Who Are Americans? a. As of July 2007, there are over 300,000,000 people living in the United States. i. Population has shifted over time ii. Mean center is located in Missouri iii. More populous states=greater say=more reps b. The Sun Belt is the states in the South, Southwest, and West coast, which have all experienced tremendous growth since 1950 c. The Rust Belt are the major industrial states of the Northeast and Midwest that did not enjoy great population or economic growth. d. White Americans are the largest racial group in the country, approximately 66 percent of the population. The percentage is dropping however. e. African Americans are the second largest minority group, approximately 12.8 percent. Often, African Americans vote as a bloc for certain parties. i. From end of civil war to new deal era: supported Republican Candidates (democrats were linked to segregation policies in South) ii. Shifted to supporting Democratic Candidates in 1930s when N. democrats began to push civil rights legislation (cemented in 1964 w/ Civil Rights Act) iii. Political influence is concentrated in South and large cities f. Hispanic Minorities constitute the largest number of minorities, about 15.1 percent i. Have large contribution w/ southern and western states ii. Immigration has played large role in rapid growth g. Asian Americans are quickly rising as well, now almost 5 percent of the population. i.
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CHAPTER OUTLINE 3 - I The Social Context of American...

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