SYL 1100 fall 10 - Political Science 1100: American...

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Political Science 1100: American Government Professor P. Squire Office: 301 Professional Building Office Phone: 882-0097 Office Hours: Wednesday 1:00-3:00 and by appointment E-mail: Assigned Texts: Squire, Lindsay, Covington, and Smith, Dynamics of Democracy , 6 th edition Dow, Nicholson-Crotty, and Overby, Readings in American Government , 4 th ed. Grading Policy: Grades will be based on three midterm examinations, each worth 20% of the final grade, and a comprehensive final examination, worth 40% of the final grade. The examinations will consist of identification and essay questions. Students will be expected to attend lecture, to do the assigned reading, and to follow the national news by reading a daily newspaper (preferably the New York Times or Washington Post , both of which can be found on the web) and by watching television network or cable news. Academic Integrity : Breaches of academic integrity rules are regarded as serious matters. Any student caught cheating on an examination will receive a score of zero for that examination. Provisions for Students with Disabilities
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SYL 1100 fall 10 - Political Science 1100: American...

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