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Congressional Careers - Congressional Careers Who serves in...

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Congressional Careers Who serves in Congress? o Average age for senate is 63; house is 57 (middle aged people) o Average length of service for senate is 12.9 yrs; house is 11 yrs o Majority have at least a undergraduate degree (BA) o 256 women have served in congress (number as increased over time) Women in Congress o Jeannette Rankin was the first woman to be elected to congress; was only member to vote against entry of wwI and wwII o Fewer women in office bc they don’t choose to run; however when they do they have same probability of getting elected o What difference does having women in congress make? Some evidence suggests that the priorities of women legislators differ from those of men Women legislators tend to place greater importance on health, welfare, and education; less importance on business issues The job o Avg member of congress devotes an enormous amount of time to the job; one estimate has reps working more than 12 hrs/day o Members spend time attending committee and subcommittee meetings, participating in floor debates, working w/ staff, meeting w/ constituents and lobbyists, raising campaign funds, traveling to and from the district, and engaging in a host of other activities
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Congressional Careers - Congressional Careers Who serves in...

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