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Geology Test (Questions Missed on Previous Exams) Exam 1 1. According to scientific evidence, when did our solar system (when did earth) form? a. 4.6 billion years ago 2. Two different isotopes of the same element share the same () but have a different () from one another. a. Number of protons, number of neutrons 3. The study of faunal succession allows a. Rocks to be correlated from different outcrops 4. Modern stromatolites are typically found in what sedimentary environment? a. Intertidal zone 5. Energy reserves differ from energy resources in that a. Energy resources estimate the amount of a material remaining to be discover while energy reserves are material that have already been discovered 6. 9/10s of earths history happened during the a. precambrain 7. Human beings evolved during which geologic era? a. Cenozoic 8. Microbes were the only organisms on earth from 3.5 billions years ago to a. 2.5 billions years ago 9. Which of the following shows the correct order of events in early Earth evolution? a.
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Questions%20Missed - Geology Test (Questions Missed on...

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