The Hydrological Cycle and Groundwater

The Hydrological Cycle and Groundwater - o If total in is...

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The Hydrological Cycle and Groundwater CQ: In the US, which sector uses the most water? Thermoelectric (power generation): 48% Top Three Water Uses o Thermoelectric -48% o Irrigation- 34% o Public Supply- 11% CQ: Which is the largest liquid fresh water reservoir? groundwater (1.05%) CQ: Which is largest reservoir? Glaciers Where is all the water? o Reservoirs include all the places on Earth where water is stored Water flows include all the ways that water moves between the reservoirs, both into and out of : Precipitation Infilteration and runoff Evaporation Transpiration Sublimation (water goes from ice gas (released in atmosphere)) Groundwater flow o Residence Time o How long a molecule of water stays in a particular reservoir o Depends on the reservoir size AND size of the flow
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Unformatted text preview: o If total in is different than total out= reservoir is changing size CQ: If a lake is getting smaller, what is likely happening? more water is flowing out than flowing in • Hydrology and Climate o Key Climatic Factors Key Tectonic Factors • Relative humidity- ocean –land relationshops • Rainfall- mountain rain shadows • Landscape • Hydrology of Runoff o The relationship between runoff and precipitation is: • Stronger in local areas • Weaker in regional areas o Surface storage of water runoff • Lakes and reservoirs • Wetlands and swamps • Why aren’t we allowed to build on wetlands= wetlands reduce floods by essentially storing water in them before they make it into river; fill in all wetlands...
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The Hydrological Cycle and Groundwater - o If total in is...

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