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Communication_1200[1] - Communications 1200 Final Exam...

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Communications 1200 Final Exam Study Guide Ch. 9- Objectives List and describe five patterns for organizing the main ideas of a speech. Chronological: organization by time or sequence Topical: Most to least important, least to most, simple to complex Spatial: organization based on location or position Cause-and-Effect: focuses on situation and its causes or effects Problem and Solution: focuses on problem and its solutions or vice versa Explain how organizational strategies can vary according to culture. Different cultures have different ways of explaining and organizing that may seem different to the US (Asian goes in circle, Russian bounces around topics) List five patterns of organization applicable to sub points. (Same as organizing main ideas; see 2 up) Describe how to integrate supporting material into a speech. State the point. Cite the source. Present material. Explain how the material supports main point List and explain four organizational strategies specifically adapted to supporting material. Primacy: Most to least important Recency: Least to most important Specificity: General to specific or vice versa ideas Complexity: Simple to complex ideas or vice versa Soft to Hard Evidence: soft=opinions, hypothetical hard=facts, statistics List and define three types of verbal and nonverbal speech signposts. Nonverbal: any movement that helps a transition Verbal: Repeating a keyword Verbal: Using a transitional word or phrase (in addition, overall, also) Verbal: Enumerating (first, this happened. Second, this happened) Verbal: Using internal summaries and previews (sum it up) Explain how visual aids can supplement signposts. You can help audience remember better if visual support is available Chapter 9 SHORT ANSWER. 1) List and describe five organizational patterns for a speech. Page Ref: 189-194 (Same as top of page, see top) 2) Using the hypothetical topic, "Travel in the United States," select an organizational pattern from the ones described in your text. Then defend why this pattern would be best suited for this particular topic. Page Ref: 189-195 Use spatial organization which organizes by location or place
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3) With an original example, explain how to smoothly integrate supporting materials into a speech. Page Ref: 197-198 I would state the point (Drinking should be legal to all), then cite the source (drinkandpuke.com), then present supporting material (we need more children for child labor), then explain how supporting material goes with main point (if drinking were legal to all then we would have more pregnant chicks). 4) Using an original example, illustrate the use of presenting support material by going from soft to hard evidence. Page Ref: 200
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Communication_1200[1] - Communications 1200 Final Exam...

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