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C&LH 4-23 (Collier)

C&LH 4-23 (Collier) - 1 4/23(Dr Collier FIGURE#S(below...

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4/23 (Dr. Collier) FIGURE #S (below) REFER T0 HANDOUT. A. Foraging paradigm 1. Animal lives in apparatus (FIG 10) 24 hr/day and is responsible for procuring own food. Can do this whenever it wants and as often as it wants; each time it gets a meal, can eat as much as it wants. 2. free-operant paradigm that simulates variables in nature--e.g., cost, benefit, search, procurement a. search bar --completion of search cost (BP) turns up one prey item (successively encounters prey items); (one or two feeders & bars with cue light illuminated over active bar) (FIG 10); animal identifies what item the search turned up b. can reject opportunity to procure an item that the search turned up by waiting 30 s, when cue light goes off over item and goes back on over search bar; animal then goes back and searches again "in hopes" of encountering something better (or cheaper) the next time he completes the search requirement. c. procurement bar -- price in BP; gain access to food) d. consumption bar (same bar as “b”)--eat as much as want; feeder stays open until out of feeder tunnel 10 min. 3. FIG 1 --feeding chain--behavioral parts have different rules: a. Foraging (search, identification, procurement, handling) b. Consumption (ingestion or actual eating); c. Utilization (postingestive physiological processes) 4. traditional operant studies assess only consumption-- B ar P ress (BP) for a single bite/sip; S can't control where, when, what, or how much to eat; E decides these and does foraging; rat just consumes what E provides .
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