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ECE 321: Handout on MATLAB Tools for Understanding the pdfs and cdfs of RVs 1. Probability Distributions Demo MATLAB commend calling for a pdf/cdf demo >> disttool The commend brings up a demo platform to understand the commonly used pdfs 2. PDF and CDF plots Different commends for calling different pdfs and cdfs >> f = NORMPDF(X,MU,SIGMA) >> F = NORMCDF(X,MU,SIGMA) 3. Random Sample Generation Demo Using the commend line to bring up the demos >> randtool 4. Overview of the Distributions Using the on-demand help commend, you can also bring up the followings Reproducing the Output of Random Number Functions
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Unformatted text preview: Beta Distribution Binomial Distribution Chi-Square Distribution Noncentral Chi-Square Distribution Discrete Uniform Distribution Exponential Distribution Extreme Value Distribution F Distribution Noncentral F Distribution Gamma Distribution Geometric Distribution Hypergeometric Distribution Lognormal Distribution Negative Binomial Distribution Normal Distribution Poisson Distribution Rayleigh Distribution Student's t Distribution Noncentral t Distribution Uniform (Continuous) Distribution Weibull Distribution...
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