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Final+Review+List+for+EE321 - 5 Concepts of statistical...

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Review List for EE321 Set Theory, Concepts, its Algebra, and its application in Probability 1. Sample Space , Random Events , their associated Probabilities, and Axioms 2. Relation among different sub-sets associated with different random events 3. Connection between a Random Experiment and its Outcomes (an Event) 4. Joint and Conditional Probability , Total Probability and the Bayes’ Thm. Random Variables and Functions of RVs 1. Discrete RVs, Continuous RVs, PMF, PDF, CDF and their connections 2. For multiple RVs, you need to understand the differences and connections among the joint PDF, the marginal PDFs, and the conditional PDF 3. The PDF and the Characteristic Function of a RV 4. Concepts of statistical independent, and connection of the CDF to probability of certain random event, hence the set theory
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Concepts of statistical independent 6. PDF of sum of independent RVs 7. PDF of multiple IID random Variables 8. Finding CDF and PDF of functions of RVs 9. Finding the statistic moments (mean, variance, covariance) of RVs 10. Linear Transformation on multiple Gaussian RVs and its distribution 11. Important RVs and their distributions originated from IID Gaussian RVs Random Processes (Random Signals and Noise) 1. WSS random processes, their ACF and PSD, Properties of ACF and PSD 2. Sample Mean versus Ensemble Mean 3. Linear Time-Invariant (LTI) Systems with WSS Random Processes as its inputs, Applications in terms I/O relations in lag-domain (using ACF) and spectral domain (using PSD)...
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