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Discrimination 1 Discrimination: a detrimental role in the black community Modupe O. Alle University of Florida
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Discrimination 2 In the musical drama School Daze by Spike Lee, the director seeks to explore the racial issues that blacks impose on one another. The viewer is confronted with many issues that African-Americans face today: from the partition between black Americans and pan-African blacks to the separation of educated blacks and non-educated blacks. One primary reason for this division are the varying skin tones, hair textures, world views, as well as many other underlying issues that blacks are forced to battle—not only by society, but from each other. Lee is seeking to emphasize the racial discrimination amongst the black race through the eyes of a character named “Half-Pint”. This character undergoes a lengthy pledging period—a process Lee had experienced himself at Atlanta Morehouse College—and through another character “Dap”. Dap refuses to participate in what he thinks is apartheid—the separation of racial groups—within the student body. He looks to educate the students he feels are misinformed about being African American and consider themselves to be wholly black. In one of the many altercations between him and another character named “Julian”, who insists in being called “Big Brother Almighty”, the two characters get into a dispute and Julian tells Dap that he can go back to Africa if he likes but that he is from Detroit and really does not associate himself with the African nation (Lee, S. (Director). (1988).
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AFA200assign1 - Copy - Discrimination Discrimination: a...

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