College tution is up amid recession

College tution is up amid recession - 1. College tution is...

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1. College tution is up amid recession This story is relevant to all of those in the university and those aspiring to go to a university in the near future. The article describes how tuition costs are steadily rising where Average tuition at four-year public colleges in the U.S. climbed 6.5 percent. The price cut came even though colleges have been cutting employees, cafeteria, sports, etc. This greatly impacts our society because with the rising costs, it will make prospective university students to become dismayed that they cannot afford college or that college is simple not for them. Although financial aid is an option, many, like me, don’t receive financial aid and must pay out of pocket. The government has also made strides in helping students pay for college. In 2008-09, 65 percent of the $180 billion spent on student aid came via the federal government in the form of grants, loans and work-study programs, up from 58 percent the year before. -Elimination of the death penalty could save U.S millions of dollars Clearly, this affects our enoconomy, society, and country monumentally. Each execution could cost taxpayers up to 25 million dollars, money that can be used more effectively seeing that one in every three death penalty trials actually result in the death penalty. Not only do taxpayers have to pay for the actual execution, but money also goes to the upkeep of the system to execute inmates. Ironically, a new pool just found that 65% of Americans still favor the death penalty. Unbeknownst to them, capital punishment has not decreased crime rates, so the use of it is unnecessary. Many states are close to eliminating the death penalty because they know it will save money, but it seems to be easier said then done. Of the 11 states attempting to dissolve the death penalty, only one (New Mexico) has been successful. -Supreme Court ruled that police officers cannot pull over or stop a car if they suspect the driver is under the influence of alcohol without suspicious activity. Chief Justice Roberts dissents, saying that will give drunk drivers 'one free swerve.' This ruling came about to give police more incentive to spot drunk drivers and not solely rely on anonymous tips. This impacts society, in my opinion, negatively because that “one swerve” may end someone’s life or cause serious injury to those involved. Although this ruling was made in Virginia and all
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College tution is up amid recession - 1. College tution is...

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