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formal ipr log - Formal IPR Student MA Client CA Date/Time...

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Formal IPR Student MA Client CA Date/Time 6/2/10- 10:30am Setting of interaction: Group Therapy Room. 81 year old Puerto Rican female client was sitting in the group therapy room after lunch. She was wearing two hospital gowns and no-slip socks provided by the hospital. She approached me and asked me for my name. Verbatim dialog between client and nurse CA: “What’s your name? Let me talk to you because I need someone to talk to”. MA: “My name is Michelle. What is your name?” CA: “My name is Clara Andino Clemente. I’m from Puerto Rico. I don’t belong here. MA: “What makes you feel like you don’t belong here? CA: “I don’t belong here. I’m from Puerto Rico. I have a big house in Puerto Rico. My daughter brought me here because of vacation. I don’t know how I ended up in the hospital. I’m not crazy. MA: “Ok I think I understand what you’re saying now. You feel that you don’t belong here? Identification of Therapeutic Communication/ Theory _______________________ Therapeutic: I was accepting her request to know my name. This lets her know that my attitude is accepting and acknowledging. Non-Therapeutic:- I was requesting an explanation. Therapeutic- I was seeking clarification and validation so that there is understanding between him and I. Alternate Therapeutic Response “Yes, I see. Go on”
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CA: “Yes I do not belong here. I belong in Puerto Rico. I only came here for vacation and now I’m in the hospital. This is not fair to me. I just want to go home.
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