SYG2010 HW1 - members He grew up in a middle class...

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Modupe Alle January 11, 2010 SYG2010 M. Jordan Assignment #1: Interview- a - Friend Jose Crescimbeni, born on June 25, 1990 in Silver Springs, Maryland, is the youngest of Jose and Ruth Crescimbeni‘s 3 children. He is a sophomore at the University of Florida and is majoring in Criminology. Since he recently switched his major to what it currently is, he is not 100% sure what he hopes to do once he graduates. Both of Jose’s siblings are involved in the military in some way, shape, or form. His father, Jose, is a carpenter and his mother Ruth is an account for Verizon Wireless. The Crescimbeni’s, who moved to Central Florida when Jose was 8 years old, are of Peruvian descent. He describes his family as being “a typical Spanish family” and has a close relationship to all of his family
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Unformatted text preview: members. He grew up in a middle class neighborhood and had no pets growing up. Jose attended Calvary Christian High School, where he was a prolific swimmer and acquired many accolades and awards to his name. Because of his successes in high school, he earned a full scholarship to compete on a collegiate level in the sport that he loves, an opportunity unlike any other. Not only is Jose a big fan of swimming, he also enjoys basketball because of its competitive nature, a characteristic that we have in common. Conversely, Jose is also a fan of Five Star Pizza because of its availability, taste, and inexpensiveness. I, however, believe that it is just CHEAP and bland (Dominos all the way!)....
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SYG2010 HW1 - members He grew up in a middle class...

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