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Possible Research Project

Possible Research Project - iv To test the hypothesis we...

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Clinton Skvarek PSY 290 i. The premise of the experiment is testing the attention levels of students and the amount of notes taken in regards to their seat location in class. ii. This will contribute to psychological science by aiding in providing information about students' attention levels. iii. The hypothesis states that students sitting in the front of the class pay more attention and take more precise notes than those sitting in the back of class.
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Unformatted text preview: iv. To test the hypothesis, we would create a test based on the material covered in class on that day, and give it to students located in the front and back sections of the class. Next, we'll grade the tests, and compile the scores and data into graphs that represent the two groups. From the results, it should be clear as to which group scored better on the tests....
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