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Visual Completion Amodal completion – occurs behind occludor Modal completion o instead of partial occlusion, it is partial camouflage o contrast in low light conditions is decreased, colors look too dark o takes place in FRONT o “modal” means there is a countour o “illusory contours” Implications o Determines perceived objects that we, as human observers will actually see in that image o Will alter what shapes we see when we look at the image Object Perception VS Object Recognition Recognition must involve (1)memory and(2) naming/“labeling” Object Recognition: Theories o Does the brain store the 3d shape of the object as… Single 3d model? 3d model with simple parts (Marr, Biederman) multiple snapshots? View-based recognition (Bulthoff, Tarr) o Still a matter of debate RECOGNITION BY COMPONENTS (“RBC”)
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Unformatted text preview: o 3d shapes stored as actual 3d models o Represented as arrangements of simple parts called “geons” 1. shape of cross section (round, symmetric, etc) 2. size of cross section (constant or expanding) 3. curvature of shape o Why? Geons are recognizable from almost any viewpoint and under partial occlusion. They operate much like phonemes, creating a large “vocabulary” of complex 3d shapes o Why not? Recognition of a geon also depends on viewpoint. Human recognition is not viewpoint invariant (takes more time to recognize, make more errors). Also cannot account for subordinate-level recognition (all dogs share same geons) VIEW-BASED RECOGNITION (“VBR”) • Multiple views from different angles view = 2d snapshot • All snapshots stored in memory...
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