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Worksheet1 Prelab - 2 weeks d How do I know that you are...

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Worsheet1 for First Week Name:  Section:  79544  Wednesday 10:45-1:35 1. If you have questions about your grade, how many weeks do you have that you can discuss  with me about it after your grade is posted?  You have 2 weeks of when the material was returned to you to discuss the grade. 2. Absences (2 pts -1/2 pt each) a. How many absences result in failure of the course? Student’s missing 3 or more labs, excused or unexcused, will receive the grade  of E. b. What are some examples of legitimate reasons to be excused from lab (excused  absences)? Doctor’s appointments, attending a funeral or memorial service, jury duty c. How long do you have to submit documentation to receive an excused absence?
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Unformatted text preview: 2 weeks d. How do I know that you are present on a specific lab day? (Hint: What do you have to do when you get to lab?) Sign your name and student i.d. number on the attendance sheet e. What is the penalty for arriving late or leaving early? 5-15 minutes late will be excused once, after, each counts as a absence 3. Assignments (1 pt) a. When is an assignment due if you are absent from lab? You are still responsible for turning it in. b. How are late assignments penalized? Receive 0 points for the assignment 4. True/False: There are make-up assignments and extra credit in this course. (1/2 pt.) False...
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