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PHY 113- free fall- lab 3

PHY 113- free fall- lab 3 - PHY 113 Free Fall Measurements...

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PHY 113 : Free Fall Measurements of Gravitational Acceleration “g” Stephanie Smith Lab partners: Kristin Kierna Ridhi Kansargra Jeff Standage Joe Olinzock Date of experiment: 2/17/2010 Section SLN: 11835 TA’s name: Xuan Ni
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I. Objective The objective of this experiment is to measure the gravitational acceleration on Earth, by measuring the amount of time it takes a stopper and a whiffle ball to hit the ground after being dropped from a constant height. Additionally, using a “picket fence”, photogate, and interface the velocity of the picket fence is acquired. II. Procedures A whiffle ball was dropped from a stairway of a building, and the amount of time it takes for the object to hit the ground was recorded using a stopwatch. Measurements for the height at which the object was released were acquired. 10 trials are conducted using the whiffle ball. The experiment was repeated using a stopper ball. Using Graphical Analysis, the mean and standard deviation for each set of data was acquired. The experimental gravitational acceleration and its error was calculated for each set of data. For the second portion of the lab, the Science Workshop interface is turned on, and the specified experimental file is opened. The photogate is positioned at the end of the table with a rubber pad set underneath. The “start” button is pressed as the picket fence is dropped through the photogate.
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