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1 ACCT2522 Management Accounting 1: Process Improvement & Innovation Introduction Yee Shih Phua Quad 3062 [email protected] Consultations on Tuesday: Weeks 1-3: 11am-12pm; 3-4pm Weeks 4 onwards: 3-4pm; 5-6pm 1 Lecture 1 Outline 1. Course outline 2. Introduction to ACCT2522 3. Understanding Processes and Value Creation Essential Readings for Week 1 Langfield-Smith et al (hereafter LS ) Chapter 1 Chapter 16 p. 795-804 BDMM Chapter 2 Available on Blackboard 2 1. Course Outline Available from Blackboard You need to know everything in it! Some key points 1.1 Staff 1.2 Course structure 1.3 Assessment 1.4 Academic misconduct 1.5 Student resources 1.6 Student responsibilities 3 Tutorial changes Everyone enrols though myUNSW Problems? Student Central or ASB Business student Centre No changes after 15 th March 2010. If the tutorial you want to change into, or enroll in, is full: We will not increase capacity until all tutorials are full. 4 Tutorial changes (Continued) Email all enquiries to Joanna Masangkay: [email protected] Any emails sent to other teaching staff will be forwarded to her. Tutorial change requests MAY BE approved IF: You are enrolled as a part-time student (full time students are expected to work your employment around your studies, not the other way round); and Your tutorial has been cancelled. 5 1.3 Assessment p.5-6 In order to pass, students must fulfil ALL of the following: 1. Achieve a total mark of at least 50% 2. Complete all assessment tasks 3. Achieve at least 50% in the final exam 6
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2 1.3 Assessment cont. p.6 Homework Preparation 5% In-class Quiz I (Self-Assessable) (Wk 4) 0% Mid-session Examination 30% In-class Quiz II (Wk 11) 10% Held in tutorials Must attend the tutorial you are enrolled in Exceptional circumstances to notify 7 days in advance Quiz II (wk 8, 9 & 10 – lectures) No special consideration and deadline for queries 7 Final Examination 55% 1.3 Assessment cont. p.6 Homework Preparation 5% In-class Quiz I (Self-Assessable) 0% Mid-session Examination 14 th April (Wk 6) 30% In-class Quiz II 10% Venue TBA – expected 1 or 2 seatings Must attend the seating allocated (notify 10 days advance by 5 th April 2010 if any issues) Anytime between 8am-4pm! Assessed up to and including Week 5 lectures Format (see course outline) 8 Final Examination 55% 1.3 Assessment cont. Special consideration (p. 12) Assessed by faculty panel Details maintained on database Only granted under exceptional circumstances Please refer to course outline and ASB website Very important that you follow all procedures Give LIC a copy of the application If you apply for special consideration you are applying for another chance to sit a supplementary exam.
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ACCT2522_Week1_Student6slides - Tutorial changes ACCT2522...

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