Scope - - Acronyms like SSLANT, GAIN and GAPP will remain...

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The scope of translation is as follows:- Daily usage language needs to be used. Audience will be 6th to 10th class pass and therefore, very formal language should not be used. Informal daily level language to be used. - PPT speaker notes will NOT be translated. - Text inside graphics will NOT be translated. - Technical terms that do not have a simple translation will be written as is in the translated script. Example click will be written as ˆ ^ l¶ª in Hindi.
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Unformatted text preview: - Acronyms like SSLANT, GAIN and GAPP will remain in English, but their expanded versions will be translated.- One chapter has items in English Alphabet sequence. The A, B, C will remain as is but the product names etc. will be translated. So, A Air Conditioner will become A & ^l ¶ª* and B Book will become B ˆ^l¶ ª...
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