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Unformatted text preview: 2 2011 l 3 l Master subtitle style Click to edit1 l 9/15/11 o Õ¶ª review – ¶ “ Personalized Q (10) (use “supposed to…”) ◎ l 9/15/11 ol l l l H ↓ l l ˜ rÕ¶ ªh l l 9/15/11 l ˜ rÕ ¶ ª (l (l l )l l review -l l l ë ) ←l l l (l )˜ r Õ ¶ ª h H ë Ó Ø o Õ¶ª review Ø l( ‘l ” ) l –Õ ¶ ª q � l Ø oÕ ¶ ªh “made (the keys) new kindly” /Øo Õ Ø` º l l l (anything your landlord would kindly do for you in this situation) 9/15/11 review H –a º ª 5-ii)Takeshi returned from his business trip and is talking with his lboss about the business H Æ aºª trip. l ↓Õ¶ª l “* � � � 4l � ↓Õ¶ª l 4o l 9/15/11 (l :á + V � o � u ↓Õ¶ªh l �� �� ( review ↓ –Õ ¶ ª l Õ¶ª o� l� áu V o: g 3C o� l� áu V o: g 3C x» ªh й x �...
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