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Qe gz hq ez q e i took pictures when

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Unformatted text preview: Å Ã ª. l 9/15/11 À øC ¶ ª. o à I] ¸ Ð éQ E l l à I] Al H“ {»ª . l l B l h Ä h I think I left it when I got off the train. A → time reference l - B → main event Use short form in A (like a noun modification) ll 9/15/11 l pÄ h ¶ ª . Ð é QE ¸ Ö Gz Ù ¸ ¸ ª ª .. Ð é HQ ÙEz¸ª . Ðé Q E I took pictures when my brother went to Japan. ¸ GÙ¸ª. l l H Ùz¸ª. Ð éQ E “a simple thought 1) Place yourself at the time the main event B experiment” takes place, and...
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