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Econ251_Syllabus_TTh6(1) (1)

Econ251_Syllabus_TTh6(1) (1) - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN...

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Marshall School of Business Department of Finance and Business Economics ECON 251x: Microeconomics for Business Fall 2011 Location: THH 212 Section Number: 26009R _______________________________________________________________________ _ Professor: Rahşan Akbulut Office: ACC 301 K Office hours: TTh 12:15pm - 1:45pm, or by appointment Department Phone: 213-740-6515 E-mail: [email protected] _______________________________________________________________________ _ Course Description: The purpose of ECON-251 Microeconomics for Business is to develop our understanding of how markets work and to explore the challenges and opportunities that markets pose for governments, managers and firms. The course introduces and applies basic economic principles to address issues that arise in a firm’s relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, other organizations and the regulatory environment. Microeconomics also provides some fundamental building blocks for other courses, including Macroeconomics, Marketing, and Corporate Finance. Prerequisites: I will assume that you are familiar with basic algebra and calculus. You should expect exam questions requiring calculations. MATH 118 is a prerequisite for ECON 251. Required Course Material: The required textbook for this course is Microeconomics by Pindyck and Rubinfeld: Prentice Hall, 7 th edition (2008). We will be using the textbook together with MyEconLab (MEL). MEL is a study tool provided by the publisher designed to complement the textbook. It has online practice tests, exercises, an interactive graphing tool, and other resources. You can also create your own study plan. We will use MEL for assignments. Each topic has an assignment associated with it. You get automatic feedback as you do the problems, and your efforts are graded automatically. To be able to use these features you need to register at 1
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MyEconlab's website using the Student Access Code. You will also need to register to your specific section. Your section code for MEL is: XL0Q-P1LJ-201Y-3KJ2 (For detailed information, see end of syllabus.) Power point slides of the lectures and other course material (articles, etc.) will be available on Blackboard. I will also use the site for announcements. You will be responsible for all the material covered during lectures, including the articles
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Econ251_Syllabus_TTh6(1) (1) - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN...

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