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SOC 120 Week 4 Assignment

SOC 120 Week 4 Assignment - Evolution of Formal...

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Evolution of Formal Organizations By Candace N. Smith SOC 120 September 5, 2011
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2 In order to properly run an organization, there are a lot of rules that must be followed. There are a large amount of decisions that must be made in today’s society for an organization to be operated successfully. The stage in which it takes to run an organization has evolved numerous times over the years. Depending on the people associated with the organization, determines how the business is ran. It can be run in a very formal fashion or in a relaxed manner, but regardless of how it is ran, the success is based primarily on what is going on with the economy. Humans have been using various forms of organizational skills since we were able to have and process rational thoughts. The organizational thought process has been a part of how we live even though in the beginning, most did not realize this was going on. When certain people were placed in positions with particular jobs and rules were established, this is exactly how organizational structures were formed. This particular process has been one in which mankind has followed for decades. Throughout the ages of time, man has evolved and the process has been more updated and developed. “And yet organizational structures are continually changing to this day, as well as organizations continually look to the future and how they can better the organizational structures they already have” (Shipm, F. 2007). In the healthcare field, certain organizations are developing upper level leadership positions to accommodate the vastly growing field. As the workforce grows, there have to be
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