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SOC 120 Week 4 Checkpoint

SOC 120 Week 4 Checkpoint - barred windows They are used to...

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One of the social groups that I consider myself to currently be a part of would be my marriage. This social group consists of two people that interact with each other on a daily basis. Although we haven’t been a part of this group for very long, we would still be considered as such. Another example of a social group would be a friendship or even family. An example of a formal organization that I was once a part of would be a jail or prison type setting. This type of setting is considered to be a coercive organization; an organization in which people are somewhat forced into them as a form of punishment. They contain certain physical features such as locked doors, security guards and even
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Unformatted text preview: barred windows. They are used to keep people in one place in order to alter their behavior and/or habits in order to rehabilitate them and prepare them for a good life. After reviewing the table on page 112, it seems as though the difference between the primary group and the secondary group are a sense of closeness. The primary group consists of family and close friend; people that have an effect on your life and the secondary group consists of people you don’t really get too close too and don’t really affect your personal life at all....
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