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question5 - TrpR(Trp repressor The gene product of the trpR...

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TrpR (Trp repressor) The gene product of the trpR gene. It contains a helix-turn-helix motif allowing it to bind to DNA. LOV Abbreviation for "light, oxygen, voltage". The LOV domain of a protein photosensor, included in proteins such as the phototropins (light-activated serine/threonine kinases). The LOV domain of A. sativa is known as AsLOV2.[5.3] LOV's typically have a prosthetic FMN (flavin nucleotide) chromophore. Lov-TAP LOV and tryptophan-activated protein. It is the end-to-end fusion product of TrpR and AsLOV2. [5.3] When illuminated by by light, it binds cognate DNA protecting it.[5.2] Presumably, AsLOV2 activates the TrpR and then TrpR would bind to the operator of the trp operon. This allows the fusion product to inhibit trp transcription. The Original Circuit (from 5.1):
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Figure pulled from: A Synthetic Genetic Edge Detection Program Jeffrey J. Tabor, Howard M. Salis, Zachary Booth Simpson, Aaron A. Chevalier, Anselm Levskaya, Edward M. Marcotte, Christopher A. Voigt, Andrew D. Ellington Cell - 26 June 2009 (Vol. 137, Issue 7, pp. 1272-1281)
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