Courses - First Year Information Guide 2008 – 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: First Year Information Guide 2008 – 2009 Produced by the Office of Undergraduate Studies FYI GUIDE How to Use the First Year Information (FYI) Guide As a new, first-year student, one of the first resources with which you should familiarize yourself is this document, the First Year Information (FYI) Guide . This guide has an abundance of information and, when used in concert with the other materials that you will receive during your summer orientation, will help you develop your first semester schedule and plan for a successful first year at Case Western Reserve University. I urge you to take time to review all of the information in this guide prior to coming to your Summer Orientation Session . As you read through the information, you will learn how to prepare to meet with a First Year Advisor and how to develop your first semester schedule. You will soon see that you have many choices to make with regard to academic decisions and much to learn about your academic requirements. Please take the time to review the FYI Guide carefully! 1. Before immersing yourself in academic requirements and schedule development, take time to consider the collegiate environment which you are joining. • Review Differences Between High School and College • Review Foundations for Academic Success: Time Management & Study Skills 2. Learn about what comprises a degree, the majors that Case Western Reserve University has to offer, and the issues to consider in determining your academic interests. • Review Your Academic Degree • Review Majors and Minors for Case Western Reserve University Undergraduate Degrees • Review Determining an Academic Focus for Your First Year • Review the Career Center’s Four-Phase Career Development Model 3. Review Preparing for Academic Advising and Course Registration for information essential to building your first semester schedule. • If you are pursuing an interest in Medical or Dental School, read the Schedule Development Recommendations for Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Students . If you are pursuing an interest in Pre- Law, read Recommendations for First Year Students with an Interest in Pre-Law . • If you have taken Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations, review the equivalency guides to determine the appropriate AP or IB placement. • Review the Enhanced Course Opportunities to determine interest in two unique courses offered at Case. • After registering for fall semester courses at Summer Orientation, all students will be contacted and asked to select several First Seminars of interest. Students will then be placed in a SAGES First Seminar based on interest and course availability. • Study the directions for exploring course options by reading the First Year Course Offerings and the instructions for reading course descriptions in Preparing for Academic Advising and Course Registration....
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Courses - First Year Information Guide 2008 – 2009...

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