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Chinese Search Engines 1. What are two ways in which Chinese search engines work to blacklist unauthorized searches? 2. Why are American companies doing work in China even though the companies do not condone censorship? Spam 1. Describe how a typical email user is placed with spam into his or her email inbox. 2. If a user encounter spam from a web site, how would she or he interact with the users? Comet 1. Describe how the comet program works. 2. When would a user of the computer network need to connect to Comet? VOIP 1. How does an ATA device use sampling? 2. What are some reasons for switching the phone service for VOIP? Keeping Children safe 1) If a person sets her or his facebook account to the friends of friends setting, how would the account be exposed to other people? 2) Distinguish the importance differences between client-side filtering and server- side filtering. Compression Algorithm 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of compression algorithms? 2. If an image is encoded in a JPEG format, describe the file’s properties. Net Neutrality 1) The federal communications commission states four principles that describe net neutrality. How does the Transparency Principle ensure the customers’ rights to a free internet?
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2) What net neutrality rules are passed by the FCC? Javascript
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Questions - Quiz questions by Dr Young

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