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essay - Politicians set laws for the people of a nation...

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Politicians set laws for the people of a nation. Whether the politician is a leader of a nation or a leader of a city, he or she knows that the decisions she or he makes determine the future direction that a nation will undertake. For instance, the nation might go in the wrong direction if a political leader decides to guide the nation through a political leader’s corruption scandals. In summary, the actions that a politician takes are a model for the citizens of an entire nation to follow. Sun Yat-sen, an honors graduate from Cambridge University, wrote the Three Principles of Democracy upon which future leaders of Sun’s Kuomintang party will strive to maintain. He declared that a modern China needs to live by its new principles such that China will be able to grow free of the corruption under the Qing dynasty. One of the principles decreed that the actions of a leader speak closest to the hearts of the people. Thus, Sun Yat-sen speaks of a greater need for modern China to embrace changes that emulate Western society. In order to free
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