Computers our very unique in the way they work

Computers our very unique in the way they work - processed...

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Computers our very unique in the way they work. Compared to humans there is a difference between how we get information and how a computer does. First off a computer has data which is represented by the electrical switches. Data from the computer is basically information that is processed or you can say stored by a computer. Data is very important for the computer to function and for you to use it. Text documents, images, audio clips, software programs, internet our some types of data that we are all use to seeing on a computer. The CPU on the computer is how the data is processed or stored. The data is put in files and folders on the computer’s hard disk. Basically computer data is known as binary data which helps the data to be made, stored by the computer, saved, and stored digitally. Because of this the data never becomes old and never changes, it is in a way always in a continual process of unseen renewal. Information is basically
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Unformatted text preview: processed data which has meaning that you can understand. Data is just facts and figures that have no meaning. That is the basic difference. They go together and cannot be separated, they are like a team that works together and will not work without one another doing their job. The way they work together and the way a computer runs is unknown to most users of computers. 0000 0011, 0000 0010 and 0001 1010 .You cannot make a substitution from the start of text to the end of the text. It shows that computers our unimaginably fast and faster than what the eye can see. (2009, unknow unknow). Data . Retrieved from Blurtit, Initials. (2009, unknow unknow). Can You Explain The Difference Between Data And Information? . Retrieved from Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., Initials. (2009, october 10). Wikipedia Data . Retrieved from
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